Dual Hyper 9 Motors

Classic Volkswagen Hyper 9 Conversion Kit – 31kwh battery pack included


Classic Volkswagen EV Conversion Kit



Yes! Batteries are included!

This kit includes most of what you will need to convert your classic Volkswagen with a Hyper 9 motor for excellent power and range with minimal changes to your VW.

  • Torque: 173 lb/ft
  • Horsepower: 125
  • Range: ~120m *estimate – vehicle weight, aerodynamics, gear ratio, and driving habit play a large role in range!

This kit will include:

  • Single Hyper 9 IS Motor/Controller/Contactor
  • Controller Chill Plate
  • 5 Tesla Model S 6.4kwh battery modules
  • Orion BMS 2 (36 cell) with accessories kit
  • 3.3KW Charger/1KW DC-DC Converter Combo Unit
  • Throttle Pedal
  • J1772 Charger Port
  • Wiring kit
  • Liquid cooling kit
  • Flash Drive JIB 12V wiring module
  • Transmission Adapter including Aluminum flywheel and Stage 2 clutch.
  • Flash Drive Motors JIB – this greatly simplifies wiring of the components including relays and fuses necessary for the pump/fan/etc
  • Flash Drive Motors Sentinel – keeps the 12V battery from dying while sitting idle
  • Flash Drive Motors Classic VW Component mount

This kit will NOT include:

  • Display
  • Battery boxes (these are coming soon!)

Items such as motors and batteries are shipped by freight.  Contact us for more information.

Hyper 9 120V Performance

Some parts are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer.  Please Contact us for current lead times prior to ordering.

Items such as motors and batteries are shipped by freight.  Contact us for a shipping quote.


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