Gear Heads and Nerds Join Forces

The Flash Drive Motor story is a tale of passion and dedication to the love of classic cars, rooted in a family’s shared enthusiasm for everything automotive. It all began with a car-crazy father who instilled his deep appreciation for classic cars in his children. Evenings were spent in the garage, immersing themselves in the world of engines, car painting, and all things related to automobiles. Weekends were filled with thrilling activities like taking cars to shows, drag racing, and exploring the outdoors with ATVs.

As the children grew older, they pursued education and established careers but found that their love for classic cars persisted. They moved on to their own spaces, acquiring their own cars, and continued their passion through side projects involving collision repairs and restorations. Unforgettable memories were made during the hectic periods leading up to the Lone Star Roundup, where unrealistic deadlines fueled numerous all-nighters in their pursuit of perfection.

Throughout this journey, the team expanded as they encountered like-minded individuals who shared their passion for classic cars. Now, with a wealth of experience and a network of talented enthusiasts, Flash Drive Motor is committed to helping others fulfill their dream of enjoying their own classic cars.

What sets Flash Drive Motor apart is their dedication to authenticity. Every car showcased on their site is a result of their personal touch, having been either meticulously restored or upgraded by the team. There are no stock images; each vehicle reflects the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion that defines Flash Drive Motor.

Situated near Austin, Texas, in the Lone Star State, Flash Drive Motor stands ready to assist fellow classic car enthusiasts in making their dreams a reality.