EVolve Your Ride

Get the beautiful styling of classic and unique vehicles with the reliability and efficiency of an Electric Vehicle. 

Take your ride into the new era with an All-Electric Conversion. From a single motor performance package to a dual-motor high performance package, we can offer a solution to fit your budget and performance goals.  Check out our EV Brat to see what a single Hyper 9 can do!


Make your Volkswagen a driver.  VWs are light weight and have plenty of space for batteries. Volkswagens are almost the perfect EV Conversion.  It is almost like they were designed with this in mind.


With Porsche and Volkswagen sharing so much of their design, your classic Porsche 911, 912, 914, 356, etc can have new life again and feel zippier and more well-balanced than new.

Small Trucks

Small pickups can be converted and still have their full bed for storage.   Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Ford, Chevy – little trucks are useful and fun EV conversions.

Tesla Swaps

While smaller cars are fun with smaller motors, we have options for those cars that need more speed, range, or are heavier than your average EV Conversion.

With a growing list of cars converted, we are up to almost any project if we think it will make a great EV Conversion.  Let us know what you are wanting to build and let’s see if we can make dreams come true!

Happy Cars, Happy Clients


” I have driven my ’55 Wagon everyday for over two years.  The modern engine made it easy-to-use as my daily driver.  I couldn’t be happier “


“The guys at Flash Drive have always worked hard to capture my vision for each project, work within my budget, and deliver incredible results.”

David Strange
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