EVolve Your Ride

The beautiful styling of classic and unique vehicles with the reliability and efficiency of an Electric Vehicle.

1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Electric Conversion
1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia


Transform your Volkswagen into an electric powerhouse. With their lightweight design and ample battery space, VWs stand out as the ideal choice for EV conversions. It’s as if they were specifically crafted with electric vehicle upgrades in mind.

1969 Porsche 912


Electrify your Porsche for a timeless yet thrilling driving experience. Lightweight and battery-ready, it’s the perfect choice for an electric upgrade. Keep the manual transmission for an exhilarating blend of tradition and innovation. Elevate your Porsche with electrifying sophistication.

1958 MGA After
1959 MGA


Elevate your classic British beauty (MGA/MGB/Triumph/etc) with performance that complements its timeless aesthetics. Our upgrade not only enhances power but also eliminates any lingering issues by replacing the 12V harness, ensuring a seamless driving experience without gremlins.

1930 Model A Electric Conversion
1930 Model A Ford

Model A Ford

Modernize your Model A Ford with an electrifying upgrade. Our bolt-in conversion seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, offering a timeless driving experience. Embrace the future without sacrificing classic charm—electrify your Model A.

1981 Toyota Hilux
1981 Toyota Pickup

Pickup Trucks

Revitalize small pickups with electric conversion, preserving charm and embracing sustainability. Enjoy emission-free drives, reduced maintenance costs, and a quieter, smoother ride. Embrace the future while preserving the past—convert your compact classic to electric for the best of both worlds.

1980 Subaru Brat

The EV Brat

Check out the EV Brat, Flash Drive Motors’ inaugural masterpiece that sparked it all! Boasting over 15,000 trouble-free miles post-conversion, this resilient little Brat continues to thrive, showcasing the enduring success and reliability of their electric transformation. Explore the journey that initiated it all and witness the lasting power of the EV Brat.


What We do

1969 Volkswagen Beetle Electric Conversion

Turn Key Conversions

Let us handle it all. You send us your beloved classic, and we send it back with an electric powertrain, ready to hit the streets. From a straight-up electric conversion on a pristine vehicle, to one that also needs some TLC, we can do it all.

Dual NetGain Hyper 9 HV Dual Shaft 144V

EV Conversion Parts

Kickstart your DIY electric conversion project with Flash Drive Motors’ superior parts and unwavering support. From batteries to motors, trust us to guide you every step, ensuring a seamless and successful transformation. Elevate your build with our quality components and expert assistance, turning your vision into reality.


Some of our projects

1930 Model A Ford Electric Conversion

Model E

This 1930 Model A Ford, owned by the same family since the 60s, underwent an electric conversion. Our bolt-in kit modernized the car, preserving the original chassis with minimal changes, ensuring its heritage remains intact.

Short Circuit

Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, this cute little VW short bus is aptly named “Short Circuit”. Powered by a Hyper 9 motor with 6 Tesla battery modules, this bus has great performance to match the looks.


The Porsche 912 was an overlooked car for many years, overshadowed by the 911. An electric conversion improves the reliability, performance, and weight distribution, giving these cars a new lease on life.

1976 BMW 2002

Agent Orange

One of our personal favorites, this 1976 BMW 2002 was treated to dual Hyper 9 motors, electric power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. Boasting 350 lb/ft of torque and 250HP, this was a nice performance upgrade as well.


Engineers and car guys working together

Team Work

A talented team makes all the difference

Old Meets New

Using technology to blend classic looks with modern technology

Where It All Happens

Located near Austin, TX

Who We Are

The origin of Flash Drive Motor traces back to a car-enthusiast father who instilled a love for classic cars in his children. From garage nights of engine tuning to pursuing careers after college, the passion persisted. Based near Austin, Texas, the team, formed through shared interests, now assists others in realizing their classic car dreams. Each car featured on the site is a result of their personal restoration or upgrade efforts.

Our Vision

We envision a future where classic cars embrace sustainable innovation. Our mission is to convert iconic automobiles to electric power, preserving their timeless charm for future generations. Embracing the spirit of the past, we drive towards a greener, classic automotive legacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to seamlessly blend automotive heritage with environmental stewardship. We specialize in converting classic cars to electric, providing an eco-friendly and high-performance driving experience. Committed to preserving automotive legacies, we empower enthusiasts to enjoy the past while embracing a sustainable future.