VW Transaxle to Hyper 9 Adapter - Slimline

VW Slimline Adapter for Hyper 9

During a typical EV conversion, installing and uninstalling the motor several times is often necessary.

Our standard 3″ thick adapter can be tricky and require angling the motor awkwardly to install the motor, especially in a Karmann Ghia.

This 2″ thick slimline adapter makes this much easier and does not require any modification to the body and you can put your shoe-horn away.

This adapter requires shortening the output shaft on the motor and in earlier vw models, will require shortening the input shaft of the transaxle.  The modification will not affect the transaxle for use with a gas engine, so reversing the conversion is still possible.


  • Slimline VW bellhousing adapter
  • Flywheel coupler
  • 200mm aluminum flywheel with replaceable friction
  • State 2 clutch and pressure plate
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch installation kit
  • Fasteners



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