The Flash Drive Motors JIB makes all of the 12V interconnections between components to simplify wiring your EV Conversion.

This little box will save you hours of soldering, crimping, and headache.

It also includes the Flash Drive Sentinel to monitor and keep your 12V battery charged when idle.

All relays and fuses are populated to make the 12V side of your EV Conversion easy.

An Aux CAN Bus plug is provide to add additional CAN driven components in the system such as a display or gauges.

The JIB wires the following components:

– ElCon/TC Charger
– ElCon/TC DC-DC Converter
Orion BMS 2
Hyper 9 IS/Hyper 9 IS HV
– J1772 Charging Receptacle (Control and Pilot)
– Chassis Harness (Ground/12V/12V Key/Pump/Fan/Reverse)
– CAN Bus

All wires are color-coded to match the connected components to take the guess work out of wiring.