Liquid cooling kit for Tesla batteries and Controller.


This kit provides the fittings, hoses, radiator, and fan to set up the necessary liquid cooling for your controller and batteries.

Liquid cooling is a critical feature to have that will keep your batteries operating at the right temperature. This ensures your batteries operate safely and do not degrade with charges.

This is a fairly comprehensive kit that saves you a lot of hassle figuring out how it all fits together.

This kit includes:

  • Radiator and fan
  • Reservoir
  • AN-6 Hose ends for chill plate x 2
  • AN-6 Adapters for Chill plate x 2
  • 25 ft of 3/8 premium hose
  • Tesla coolant pump and pigtail

This kit does not include the plumbing for inside the battery boxes as these are usually custom per project.  However, we can help you with the design and sourcing the parts you need to complete your system.