Single Hyper 9 144V Motor Complete EV Conversion Kit

Single Hyper 9 144V Motor EV Conversion Ki

The Single Hyper 9 144V Conversion Kit bundles most of what you need to get you going with a single motor. This kit is great for lighter weight cars and will give nice acceleration with an instant kick of torque.

Batteries are included!

  • Torque: 173 lb/ft
  • Horsepower: 125
  • Range: ~140m *estimate – vehicle weight, aerodynamics, gear ratio, and driving habit play a large role in range!

This kit includes:

  • Single Hyper 9 HV IS Motor/Controller/Contactor
  • Controller Chill Plate
  • Motor Cradle
  • 7 Tesla Model S 5.3kwh battery modules
  • Orion BMS 2 (48 cell) with accessories kit
  • ElCon DC-DC Converter
  • ElCon 3.3kw charger
  • Throttle Pedal
  • J1772 Charger Port
  • Intertia Switch
  • Liquid Cooling Kit
  • EV Wiring Kit

This kit does NOT include:

  • Display
  • Battery boxes
  • Motor to transmission adapter (we can help source or give you tips on how to get one made)

Items such as motors and batteries are shipped by freight.  Contact us for more information.

From $20,380.00

Cell Tap Harness Length
Main Harness Length

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