Tesla Model S Battery Module 5.3kwh

Tesla Model S Battery Module 5.3kwh

Reclaimed Tesla Model S Battery Modules are an excellent battery for use in EV Conversions.

Typical configuration is 5 modules in series for Hyper 9 or 7 modules in series for Hyper 9 HV.

These batteries are sourced from reliable sources that have tested and wired them for use with most available BMS solutions.

Why does that matter?  Modules sourced from multiple vehicles can have different battery life as all batteries degrade over discharge/recharge cycles.  Ensuring that the battery modules came from the same car or have been tested for capacity ensures you will get maximum range.

Ask about discounts for multiple modules.

  • 5.2kwh capacity
  • 233ah
  • 18650 cells x 444 – 6s74p
  • Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Water cooled – 5/16 tubing
  • Voltage Min: 18V
  • Voltage Max: 25.2V
  • Voltage Nominal: 22.2V
  • Continuous Discharge: 233A
  • Max Discharge (10s): 1000A
  • Max Discharge (3s): 1500A

Batteries are shipped by freight.  Please contact us for an estimate before placing your order.

Lead time on batteries is currently about 4-6 weeks.


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