Hyper 9 Compact Display


The SME Compact Display is an optional add-on component for any HyPer-Drive X1 and HyPer-Drive X144 controller/Inverter. The immediate EV capabilities of this LCD Compact Display include:

  • Display vehicle speed in MPH or KM/H. This is a calculated value determined by tire diameter and up to two gear ratios.
  • Display active fault code of highest priority.
  • Indicate main battery pack state of charge.
  • Indicate power de-rating due to Motor or Inverter over-temperature.
  • Cycle between 3 operating profiles with push button (E/S/H) switch. (Must be assigned in Clone file)
  • “Diagnostic Mode” to view System values such as – HyPer Motor RPM, Temperature, Torque, Current,and more.