ElCon DC-DC Converter 1000W

ElCon DC-DC Converter 1000W


DC-DC Converters are user to power the 12V system in your conversion.  This ElCon DC-DC Converter is very simply wired by connecting one side the your HV battery pack, the other side to your 12V accessory battery, and providing a 12V enable.

For use with Low Voltage (5 Tesla Modules):

TDC-IY-108-12, 72-162VDC input, 14V 72A output.

For use with High Voltage (7 Tesla Modules):

TDC-IY-144-12, 100-200VDC input, 14V 72A output.

For user with lower voltage conversions (ex: Motorcyles):

TDC-IY-72-12, 44-97VDC input, 14V 72A output.

For user with Higher Voltage Swaps (ex: Tesla Swap):

TDC-IY-320-12, 220-450VDC input, 14V 72A output.

Owner’s Manual


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