ElCon UHF CAN Bus Charger - 1.8KW

ElCon UHF CAN Bus Charger – 1.8KW

The 3rd Generation UHF CAN bus chargers can also be programmed for enable/disable and lead acid battery charging. The chargers not only have high efficiency, small size, high stability, long life and other advantages such as built-in CAN bus, but also have a high degree of shock and vibration protection and are highly reliable. Full protection from dust and liquid penetration and other features. The ideal power source for charging electric vehicles. Built-in thermal sensing gives thermal overload protection that is automatically reset when cooled. Fully sealed to IP67 standards, you can use in any difficult environment with high reliability.

The following models are available:


ElCon 1.8KW Charger Specifications

HK-H-H66-25 provides 18-66VDC output

HK-H-H99-25 provides 25-99VDC output

HK-H-H132-16 provides 34-132VDC output



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